At Altquhur Byre we want to do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

Heating & Hot Water
We have a ground source heat pump which harnesses heat just below the surface of the ground to generate additional energy to power our underfloor heating and hot water.  This means we get 5kw of electricity for every 1Kw we take from the grid.

Washing and Cleaning
We only use ecological products in cleaning and washing, these include products from Ecover, Method and SMol. 

Recycling and rubbish
For sanitary purposes the bathroom bin is lined with a plastic bag, but if you can avoid using this please do.  Please use the bedroom bin for card, paper, plastic, cans and glass and the pot on the tea tray for used tea bags.

Tea & Coffee
We don’t provide single-use plastic sachets for tea, coffee, milk or sugar and where possible and time allows (!) we make our own biscuits and cakes for your tea tray

Soaps and Shampoo
We make our own handwash from a SLS-free base and a blend of essential oils.  It is free of palm oil and parabens and is made with only natural ingredients, and can also be used as shower gel.  We use large 5L refill packs of Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner, this brand is eco-friendly and by refilling our bottles we are reducing plastic.